Enzo Coldpress Matcha Green Tea Powder

Enzo Coldpress is one of the pioneers in Matcha tea production for premium quality and finely ground tea particles. It is completely shade-grown, handpicked and farm fresh tea leaves that give better concentration level and long-lasting energy after a cup.

While preparing tea, you can just add milk or sugar to enhance the taste. This manufacturer sells the package of 4 oz. (113 grams) for $**.74 only. You have to take ½-teaspoon for one glass of hot water as recommended dosage for daily.


The EGCG present in Matcha comes with a good combination of polyphenol with this manufacturer for increasing metabolism and burning fat for good weight loss. The leaves show grassy green texture for freshness with no bitterness and natural sweetness.

It is USDA organic certified and this manufacturer is being featured on major news channels of ABC, NBC, CBS and CNBC for their product reputation. This pack gives you 100 cups of super Matcha tea. Thai Matcha is featured in Huffington Post, ABC, FOX and other leading news in recent times.

Enzo Coldpress Matcha comes in vibrant green color and tropical grassy flavors. It enriches with all day nutrients supply of vitamins and energy making supplements. You can get Matcha in four different varieties –

  • 100% Organic Matcha
  • Organic Matcha
  • Premium Organic Matcha
  • Organic Stevia

Health Benefits:

Matcha tea helps to boost the metabolism because of the polyphenol EGCG present in it. On the other hand, it helps to burn the fat sooner with no side effects as well. In addition, Matcha tea acts as powerful antioxidant and natural detoxifier with the presence of catechin polyphenols, chlorophylls and fiber, which lowers the risk of skin diseases and nourishes the skin with more shine and young.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Enrich with a high amount of amino acid L-theanine, Matcha helps to enhance the mood and memory in order to relax the mind and improve the focus. One cup of Matcha tea every day helps to lift the energy level and helps to promote good concentration.

Special Features:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 10% profit share to the charity (World’s Appetite Charity) around the world
  • Present with a higher amount of antioxidants, which is more than 7 times a dark chocolate
  • You get a couple of e Recipe books worth $* each


  • Improves blood pressure
  • Good for cardio health
  • Slow release of caffeine
  • Long-lasting energy all the 24 hours
  • Helps sleeping better
  • Easy to prepare – you can just mix, shake and start drinking

Bottom line:

You get 100% money back guarantee. Apart from only green tea, you can prepare yummy and delicious lattes, smoothies and other dessert recipes. You can also get 2 oz. packet in which you can make 50 cups of tea. Enzo Coldpress also manufacturers other different packets: ‘Organic Matcha’, ‘Premium Organic Matcha’ and ‘Organic Stevia’. In addition, you can also enjoy a range of organic groceries from Enzo: Classic Matcha, Premium Culinary Grade Matcha, Classic Ceremonial Blend Matcha and Industrial Grade Sweetener.