How to Make No Churn Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha Ice Cream is absolutely flexible yet exceedingly approved and a great approach to get your ice cream cravings fixed! Overall, it is alleviating pastel green; this ice cream has a marginally hearty and sweet smell. Astonishment! It tastes simply like it smells as well! By utilizing a low amount of cream, this shields the flavor from being overbearing while keeping up the refined taste of sensitive Matcha tea. Read on as this article instructs you on How to Make Matcha Ice Cream.

Whenever it gets really hot, like more than 40 degrees hot! You know for sure, that summer is here and that means only one thing, indulge in the gluttony that ice cream provides. Now, the latest trend that is taking over in ice cream flavors comes all the way from Japan, namely the Matcha Ice cream. Call it a hipster trend or something that will go on to be the top liked flavor for people everywhere. The fact that it is made with tea, green tea to be precise, makes it even better and healthier.

Matcha tea vs. Green tea:

Though Matcha and green tea are obtained from the same plant, that is, Camellia Sinensis; the technique used to grow these plants are very different. As the Matcha harvest period nears, the green tea plants are shaded for about a month prior to reaping.  The shading procedure changes the science and intensifies that end product in the gathered harvest. This is one of the primary contrasts in creating Matcha versus green tea.  Additionally, you may realize that Matcha arrives in a powder frame while green tea is more leaf based. This distinction in item brings about an alternate way each is set up for drinking. Regularly, green tea is made by infusing tea leaves in water for a moment. Matcha tea includes whipping the tea powder in boiling water, and drinking every last bit of it, including the powder.  Sounds delicious?  It is!  That is whether you like green (and Matcha) tea!

Image Source: Epic Matcha

How to Make Matcha Ice Cream?

Truly, it’s absurdly simple to make, which is satisfying, yet more heavenly, and vital, it is the ideal harmony between the modern severity of the Matcha powder and the uncompromising sweetness of the condensed milk. You could never envision such an unrefined element could be a factor in the flawless result here.

  • This recipe makes approx. 1 liter
  • 150 ml condensed milk
  • 300 ml double cream
  • 15 ml green tea powder

Kitchen apparatus

2×500 ml empty ice cream tubs or even airtight containers will suffice


Put the condensed milk in a bowl and stir it to loosen up the ingredient, add the cream and whisk it generously until it begins to thicken. Then put in the green tea powder and keep whisking until you are left with green colored cream. Pour the concoction into the containers and freeze it overnight. After taking out the ice cream from the freezer soften it for 10 minutes before serving it to your loved ones.


After making the ice cream it can be frozen and consumed for up to a week ahead. The ice cream that is left over should be returned to freezer a.s.a.p.

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