Matcha Green Tea Powder – Superior Culinary

If you have been looking for the best matcha green tea from Japan, then your search stops right here. While green teas share similar great qualities, they are not all created equal. Some green tea products are made with low-quality leaves while others are perfectly grown to give you high-quality matcha tea.

The Authentic Matcha Green Tea

This Matcha Green Tea - Superior Culinary is the perfect answer to your prayers. It is an authentic Matcha green tea powder which means it is stone-ground, referred to as the “Tencha” leaves. This is the true nature of a matcha tea, which has been shaded from sunlight for about 3 to 4 weeks prior to harvest. Such cultivation is what gives this tea powder its bright green color that offers that unique umami (mouth-watering, savory flavor). Thanks to the amino acids that this green tea is very abundant of.

This is contrary to the other products available in the market that claimed themselves to be a matcha tea. Some of them are actually “Sencha” which are not a true Matcha green tea powder. They are not properly shaded as how this authentic Matcha tea product is done. Also, they are ground not from pure tea leaves but from stems and buds instead, giving Sencha its dull color and bitter taste.

So, you’ll avoid buying this “fake matcha” by choosing matcha Green Tea Powder - Superior Culinary. What further makes it worthy to purchase this product is due to the following great features and benefits it offers.

1. USDA plus JAS certified

This matcha tea product is not only 100% certified organic by USDA but also by JAS, further confirming its authenticity as a true Matcha tea. It’s produced all the way from Uji region of Kyoto, Japan where best quality matcha tea is produced. You are indeed getting what you pay for when you buy this tea.

2. Best culinary grade

Apart from being purely organic, this tea offers the best culinary grade matcha by harvesting the leaves first thing in spring. This what gives it the bright emerald green color, rich taste, silky texture, and fresh aroma. The leaves are stone ground to produce the ultra-fine powder without any bitterness but only full of freshness for making your delicious dessert recipes and smoothies.

3. Very rich with healthy nutrients

This is an antioxidant powerhouse, in fact, it offers up to 137x more antioxidants than the regular green tea products out there. Containing abundance of both catechins and ECGCs, it improves your immune system, enhances metabolism, effective at burning calories, and serves as natural detoxification that promotes healthy skin. Also, being full of vitamins and minerals, this tea acts as a wonderful agent that lowers your risk of heart diseases and other most illnesses, especially cancer.  

4. Great bonus

Finally, as if those great features and powerful health benefits are not enough, you also get a free Matcha journey starter eBook that will be sent to your email when you buy this product.

​Things we liked

  • ​USDA and JAS certified 100% organic made from authentic Tencha leaves
  • ​Best culinary grade matcha tea
  • ​Fresh aroma and rich taste
  • Packed in an airtight and resealable container
  • Comes with a free Matcha journey starter eBook

​Things we didn't like

  • ​Takes some time to harvest

​Bottom Line

​So, if you want to achieve a healthy life in as easy as drinking and even enjoying a cup of green tea, this 100% authentic Matcha Green Tea Powder - Superior Culinary is your perfect choice. You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting every day just to sweat it out but a cup or two of this tea can help you experience the big difference of having a healthy and happy life.