Matcha means powdered tea. This is a complete powdered green tea in this we completely intake the whole powder. So this is more benefits than the normal green tea. It has more anti-oxidant than the normal green tea. This matcha tea has more benefits so its consumed in many forms like cake, ice cream, pudding, and soup. It is also even consumed as shakes and super cool drinks. Now let us see how matcha ice creams are created and this wonderful ice cream gives you the complete treat to you.

For making wonderful matcha ice creams we need egg yolks, matcha powder, powdered sugar for taste, milk and heavy cream for giving the ice cream a good texture. Mix the matcha powdered with the small quantity of milk and then mix them well to avoids any clumps. So completely make it into a smooth paste and then mix the paste with the remaining milk completely. Transfer them to the small heating pan with the half the quantity of heavy cream. Switch off the cooking stove before it boils. So then mix it well without making any hot balls forming newly. In another bowl take the egg yolks and mixed it with the powdered sugar so that it will give you the richness of the ice cream. After mixing the yolk and the sugar well add the remaining heavy cream little by little. And makes them all get dissolved completely and completely mix well according to it.

Then stir the yolk and sugar mixture completely and add the matcha powder mixed with milk. Don’t forget to stir. Add little by little to the mixture and stir well. After completely mixing them well transfer them into the pan. Boil the mixture and don’t forget to stir while boiling. Boil till you find the liquid becomes thick and after getting good texture off the pan. To identify as a good and correct texture make sure you put a line on the mixing spoon we used to mix the liquid. Then the line should be clear without anything attached to the line. This shows that the liquid boils completely gets ready for the stage to become ice cream. Then keep the pan in cold water to let the mixture cold. Then change them into the container and refrigerate for at least three hours. After refrigerating the liquid put them in the ice cream maker to freeze.

Follow the instruction of the ice cream maker and pour the liquid into it. You will get a wonderful mixture for ice cream in fifteen to twenty minutes. Then change into ice cream container and keep inside the freezer for more than three hours then you will get the matcha ice cream and this has wonderful health benefits and can be eaten by any type of people in the world. These matcha ice cream can also make as vegan ice cream by adding soya milk and soya cream without using egg yolks. The matcha ice cream is made by different methods of how the people like to consume it. So get ready to prepare your matcha ice cream.