We collect and use data of our users for various reasons that help us to improve our site or improve the products that we offer. Under our privacy policy, we describe about how we collect, use and maintain the user data. This privacy policy is applicable to our site and all the products and services offered by us.

Collecting Personal data:

While you visit our site, you may be asked for some personal information like name, email address etc. While you choose to furnish this data, you should also be aware that you may not engage in some activities on our site.

This data may be collected in different ways, when you visit our website, register or signup or when you subscribe for a newsletter. We also gather information through other activities or resources and services that you may connect to, on our site.

Non-personal data:

As the users connect to our site, we may collect some technical data about the system that they used to connect to us. This includes data like browser details, computer details and the means of connection to our site like the internet and operating system used etc. This information can be used while checking traffic data to our site.

We may also collect information from web browser cookies that will help us to enhance our website experience for our customers. You can choose whether to share the cookies that are set on your hard drive to be shared or get alerts if they are being shared. Please note that if you do so, some of our site’s features may not function properly.

Using the collected Data:

The data that we collect is used in various ways that help us to serve you better and to improve our website experience as well. Below are the details of how we use the collected data:

  1. Any type of information you provide will help us to respond efficiently to your customer service requests. For example, we may use your name and email address to communicate to you about your order. And this kind of personal data is only accessed only by the respective staff and only if required. If you choose, you may also be notified about product updates, company news and other service updates that we offer. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link below every email.

We may use the payment data provided by you to process your payment request towards your order.

We may also send you links about promotions and surveys on our site that you showed interest in. All these features help us to improve our customer service for the users of our site.

  1. We may also use the data to personalize user experiences and we use it to understand the usage of our products and services by the users.
  2. We use your feedback about your order to improve our products and services. Apart from this, technical data collected from your computer like computer details, browser details, internet details, cookies etc.; help us to gauge the traffic and the utilization of our site by users. This will also help us to technically improve our site.
  3. Above all, we use the data provided to process your order and we do not share this information to third party.

Protecting your data:

As we collect different types of information from our customers, we do understand the importance of data protection. Hence, we take measures that help us protect your data from unauthorized access. We ensure that all your personal data like name, username, passwords, email address, payment options and transactions are stored safely andstay protected. They are not altered, disclosed or destructed in any way.

Sharing your data:

We do not indulge or practice sharing any type of personal or non-personal data in any way whether it is trade or selling or renting the user data. Though, we may have to share the data with legal compliances in case if it is required. On the other hand, we may share some general demographic information that is not linked to any type of personal information with our trusted business partners, affiliates and advertisers.

Access to third party websites

Users of our site may find some links of our suppliers, advertisers, business partners, licensors and other third parties. We do not hold any responsibility or control the information on these sites including their services and practices. The policies mentioned there are their own and are in no way linked to our site, products and services. Hence, browsing and any type of interactions done on these sites are specific to them only.

There could be advertisements that users may come across on our site. These ads have cookies set up that are used by the ad server and recognize your computer every time it is used to collect non-personal data from your computer. This helps the ad companies to deliver targeted advertisements that may interest you. We do not have any control over the use of cookies by these ad companies and hence this privacy policy does not cover this type of information.

Changes to our privacy policy

We hold the rights to change the privacy policy at any time and if we do so, we shall update the date of the revised policy on the bottom of this page. Hence, we request you to check this page often to be updated as you hold the responsibility to stay updated and agree to the policy after modifications.

Using or our site

As you use our site, you signify that you accept our policy. In case there is a disagreement, we request you not to use our site. And if you continue to use, it is understood that you agree to the terms and conditions of our site for its usage.

Contact us:

Our customer service is available to help you with your queries. In case of any questions or clarifications regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to write to us at hello@matchateaspot.com. We shall respond to you at the earliest.